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Rough and Tumble Gift Box
Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box Rough and Tumble Gift Box

Rough and Tumble Gift Box


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A lively bundle of beautifully designed, sustainable pieces, this set is every 4-year-old’s absolute dream. It provides endless stimulation for curious minds with more active options for those energetic little sprogs.     

Tool Belt

An instant favourite with pre-schoolers, this dynamic toy inspires role-playing while building gross motor, fine motor, and problem-solving skills.


  • Asking them what they think each tool does and what noise it makes.
  • Setting up a pretend situation that they need to come and fix. Does their toy sink need fixing? What about the legs on your sofa? Collect offcuts of plastic pipe, wood etc and let them ‘fix’ each object. 

Construction Vehicles

Perfect for group play, this set makes children feel like real ‘workers’, while learning the concept of social play and fine motor skills. 


  • Setting up ramps with books and letting them drive up and down.
  • Laying out a tray of uncooked pasta, lentils, or pebbles and sand, then letting their imagination run wild. You can even dye items like pasta in different colours to encourage sorting. To make it environmentally friendly and ethical, use expired pantry items or bits and pieces found around the yard or local park.

Dump Truck

A modern take on a traditional toy, this truck helps children to understand cause and effect and object permanence while developing fine motor, social and emotional skills.


  • Having them build a tower with the blocks, identifying shapes and colours as they stack.
  • Asking them to hand you a specific block. Try describing it in different ways – by shape, colour, or even get more descriptive and see if they can guess which one.

Wooden Helicopter

Sit back and watch the world through the eyes of a child as they become mesmerised with this adorable piece. Great for language and communication, imagination, cause and effect and fine motor skills.


  • Naming different parts of the helicopter and asking them to point to them.
  • Creating a helicopter pad out of Duplo or cardboard and felt tip pens.

Car Carrier

With its cool colours and fun moving parts, this beautifully crafted wooden toy promotes fine motor skills, language development, and social play.


  • Getting them to identify different coloured cars.
  • Creating roads with blocks or drawn on cardboard and transporting cars from one location to another.