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Pretend Play Gift Box
Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box Pretend Play Gift Box

Pretend Play Gift Box


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An adorable gift set packed full of carefully selected items that inspire creativity, giving those little imaginations even more reason to run wild.  

Coffee Machine

Role-playing just got even more fun with this super cute mini coffee machine. Great for developing social skills and language development.


  • Setting the machine up like a shop alongside other items in the set. Have teddies come along as customers and get them to talk about their day while drinking coffee.

Tea Set

There’s something about a tea set that puts an extra sparkle on playtime. This charming little set transports children to a grown-up world while they work on language and communication, problem solving, creativity and social and emotional skills.


  • Asking them to make you a cup of tea while giving instructions on how you take it.
  • Inviting a third person (or soft toy) for tea and watching how they deal with an extra guest.

Pita Pocket

This clever and creative toy never fails to fascinate little ones, keeping them amused for hours. It teaches creativity, story-telling, role-playing, social skills, cooperation and collaboration.


  • Talking about each ingredient that goes inside the pita pocket. How does it taste and smell?
  • Discussing what else you could make with the ingredients – a salad, a sandwich? Can you use paper or other material to make other ingredients for the pita pocket?

Gourmet Kitchen Set

Perfect for mimicking grown-up life, this set allows children to role play while learning concepts related to household routines and building language, social and emotional skills.


  • Practicing to set the table.
  • Naming each of the items and asking them to select each object and repeat it back.
  • Using household items to make pretend versions of different meals, then presenting them on the plates.

Cash Register

A great toy for introducing age-appropriate concepts of maths and money through a real-world social game. Also encourages imaginative play, sharing, role-playing, counting and colour recognition.


  • Setting up a shop in the house (with shoes, toys, food items, books) and taking turns at being shopkeeper and customer.
  • Learning about money by assigning costs to items.