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Kiwi Hatchling Box
Kiwi Hatchling Box Kiwi Hatchling Box Kiwi Hatchling Box Kiwi Hatchling Box Kiwi Hatchling Box

Kiwi Hatchling Box


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A kiwi welcome to the world. This lovely box features some beautiful products from NZ creators.

This delightful bundle of goodies nurtures brain development including vision and long-term memory.


Contrasting Colour Book

Research shows babies prefer to focus on high contrast shapes and colours, as their brains can be easily overwhelmed. This book provides something simple to concentrate on and is great for visual development.

  • Pointing to different objects. Naming and talking about them.
  • Reading in a varied and sing-song tone.

Crochet Owl

Made in New Zealand, this adorable handmade character squeaks and rattles as baby tracks its contrasting colours, great for visual development and hand-eye coordination.


  • Placing the owl just out of reach to promote reaching and later rolling.
  • Moving it at different speeds and angles above baby’s head and watching them track it with their eyes.

Elephant Teething Ring

Made from silicon, this locally designed piece allows baby to safely experiment with texture, touch and shape while easing gum pain and stimulating brain and eye development.

Milestone cards

A fun way to track baby’s development and capture important milestones for friends and family. Made in New Zealand by graphic designer Lilybug Design.

Ages birth+