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Explore and Discover Box
Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box Explore and Discover Box

Explore and Discover Box


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This box is super fun for an energetic little one with a busy mind to get them learning, exploring and playing.

Full of bright colours and beautiful wooden items, this gorgeous box offers endless hours of fun and learning while nourishing those active little minds.   


This adorable kid’s cam introduces role-playing in an adult world. Children love the vibrant colours and shapes reflected through the viewfinder’s kaleidoscope. Plus, the shutter makes a clicking sound, making them feel like real grown-ups.


  • Setting up a scene for them to take photos of.
  • Making silly faces while they click away.

Alphabet Puzzle

Based on early reading development best practice, this lowercase letter puzzle offers all the fun of a traditional puzzle with the ability to create words, discuss language and identify colours.


  • Lining up letters and singing the alphabet while pointing to each letter.
  • Point to the first letter of familiar words such as their name, ‘mum’, ‘dad’, ‘dog’ etc

Maple Building Blocks

A fun take on a traditional toy, these blocks are great for colour recognition, language and cognitive development, fine motor skills, and creativity. What’s more, they’re easily tidied away in a handy fabric bag.


  • Sorting blocks into similar categories based on colour or shape.
  • Asking them to count the number of each colour.

Safari Playset

This little gem of a toy encourages social play while developing cognitive skills like logic and critical thinking.


  • Asking them to name each animal and make their sound.
  • Talking about where each animal lives, where they sleep and what they eat.

Kiwiana Numbers Matching Game

Teach number and object recognition, as well as early numeracy skills with this fun and fascinating game full of iconic New Zealand images. Match the items with corresponding numbers for hours of learning.


  • Getting them to count how many objects are on the card and find the matching number.
  • Making up a story or song to go with the cards. It could be similar to ‘12 days of Christmas’. Or talk about going fishing with grandpa, putting on your jandals, hoping in the caravan etc.

Designed for ages 3 years +