Nurture Box

2 Year Old Gift Box - Large
2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large 2 Year Old Gift Box - Large

2 Year Old Gift Box - Large


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This action-packed box is bursting with fun and learning. With a countless options for playtime, this pack will keep toddlers amused for hours while nurturing almost every area of development.  

Rolling Slope

A real hit with toddlers (and adults), this toy builds an understanding of cause and effect, colours, numbers, and problem-solving. A favourite with our toy testers!


  • Counting the numbers of slopes as the car goes down.
  • Racing cars down the slope, one after the other.

Stacking Train


With its different colour combinations and pull-apart pieces, toddlers will have a blast with this versatile toy.  While burning off steam as they zoom around the house, they’re also developing colour, shape and size recognition, visual-spatial acuity, motor, and problem-solving skills and imagination.


  • Asking toddler to count the number of cars/carriages on the train.
  • Encouraging them to remove the blocks and sort them by colour.

Pound and Roll


A cool twist on a classic hammer and peg toy, toddlers can further their development by matching colours, counting and watching cause and effect in motion. Great for gross motor and cognitive development.


  • Identifying colours of each ball and rolling it forward, then asking them to repeat the colour and roll it back.
  • Asking toddler to pound a specific number of balls through the holes. Repeat until they can understand numbers 1 to 4.

Posting House


Fun and fascinating, this adorable multi-purpose toy teaches sorting skills, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.


  • Talking about the different colours on the house and blocks.
  • Making up a story about each block – what does the butterfly do during the day?

Giant Paint Brushes


Great for little hands to hold, these colourful brushes build confidence and creativity. Toddlers learn spatial awareness as well as colour, shape, number and letter recognition.


  • Seeing what different textures can be created with the same brush.
  • Using different objects to add patterns (sponges, sticks etc).

Counting Caterpillar


This fun and friendly toy supports number and colour recognition while nurturing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


  • Counting each segment and pointing to numbers.
  • Asking toddler to put numbers in order.