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Who wants to be a Kid again? Designing a magical space for your child

Who wants to be a Kid again? Designing a magical space for your child

Designing your child’s room is a great opportunity to do just this…put yourself in their shoes, don’t take things too seriously and have some fun!

Stylish, functional, timeless, comfortable, whimsical, creative, educational, restful…surrounded by seemingly perfect (and tidy!) Pinterest and Insta-enviable kids bedrooms and a myriad of options, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are a few top tips to get you on your way…
  • Scheme and Theme

Your child’s room doesn’t have to match the rest of the house, think of it as a clean canvas and a space that reflects their personality.
While it’s great to let your imagination run wild, children’s bedrooms can also be busy places with lots of colourful toys, so consider your base colour scheme carefully

A neutral palette such as whites and soft greys is calming, creates the perfect canvas for pops of colour and pattern and makes a space appear larger
Have fun with wallpaper, there is a world of amazing designs out there, be brave – it really brings a room to life!
Use it as a feature wall behind the bed, on the ceiling or get creative with decals – easy, quick and inexpensive.

Let your child in on the action!
Their room needs to reflect them, so encourage their input. It could be a play on their favourite colour or theme, unicorns, diggers, super heroes, whatever it is...this is likely to be a passing phase, so if you wish to theme their room, best use just in decorative items so you can mix up the accessories as they grow and their tastes change. 

Furniture – Money Well Spent

These are the items you are less likely to swap out as your child grows, so invest in quality that will last the test of time.
Children spend a lot of time sleeping (in theory!) so purchasing a quality bed/mattress is very important, consider a cot that converts to a toddler bed, a king single that will accommodate a long-legged tween and storage or a trundler under the bed for sleepovers.
Sets of drawers are another item that need to be sturdy, check out the runners and make sure the drawers can take some weight and run smoothly.
Furniture doesn’t need to be new, get creative and add a vintage vibe with second hand, paint and replace knobs.
Sourcing meaningful pieces tells a story and gives the room creativity and character.
Despite their age, children have a lot of stuff! It needs to be easy to reach and easy to put away.
Clever storage solutions to keep clutter in check is important – think modular and open shelving that can accommodate baskets and bins for toys and books.
Wire baskets for soft toys work well so children can see what is inside without upending the contents!
Add hooks for hanging dress ups and hats.
A functional bedside table to house a lamp, clock and water.
Organisation is key in a children’s room and frees up floor space for movement and play.

Use playful party decorations – crepe paper lanterns, tassel garlands, fairy lights, disco balls, mobiles…there are so many inexpensive options to add whimsy and joy.
Remember educational décor - alphabet friezes, world maps, a globe and beautifully crafted toys, vehicles, animal families and stacked building blocks which can be arranged decoratively (and played with!)
These all support their development while looking great too.
Colourful pin boards in fun shapes can be used to proudly display their artworks, photos and treasures.


By Abbie Brown - Interior Designer and Mother of 2 children, based in Havelock North 

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