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Get School Ready!

Get School Ready!

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Our Box of the Month is the fantastic Get School Ready Gift Box. Perfect for 3+ years this box will support your little one with their pre-writing skills, fine motor skills, number work, alphabet work and more. Makes a lovely birthday gift for a 3,4, or 5 year old and is something that will be used time and time again. 

who is this suitable for?

Our School ready gift box is great for 3 years and up! If at 3 they are showing interest in their letters and numbers this is a great kit to harness that interest and keep it going. For a 4 year old Birthday this would be my favourite gift. It will keep them entertained and will stand out from the other mass of toys that they will recieve. It's perfect or girl or boy and Mum and Dad will thank you for it!

whats Inside?

Fun and interactive, this game gets their curious minds working overtime as it teaches pattern recognition, creativity, fine motor skills, numbers and shape recognition, language skills and colours.

Teach number and object recognition, as well as early numeracy skills with this fun and fascinating game full of iconic New Zealand images. Match the items with corresponding numbers for hours of learning.


Become a whiz with numbers 0 to 100 with these reusable 0 to 10 counting cards.

  • Helping them to start on the red dot and drawing out the shape of each number using the whiteboard marker.
  • Jumbling all the cards up and getting them to re-order the numbers


Looking for the perfect, non-threatening progression into writing? Then this is the perfect addition, particularly for kids who are a little apprehensive about making the commitment to actual letter writing. These shapes and patterns are the base of letter writing, helping little ones understand how each letter is formed.


This lovely little pack includes both a traceable shape outline and a ring-bound shape booklet. The perfect way to get pre-schoolers interested in drawing their favourite shapes. 

Getting them to draw the outlines of each shape with their favourite whiteboard colours or asking them to colour in each shape on the ring-bound booklet are great ways to use it.

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