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Family Time: it's the best

Family Time: it's the best

A hearty hello to all of our Nurture Box family! We hope you are all having a warm and fun winter, and your families are safe and well. 

The team is in disbelief how quick this year is going and winter is coming to an end! Although that does mean summer is around the corner - yay!

Hannah and Dave have been spending time with Dave's family in North Carolina, and had a beautiful photoshoot on the beach.

Making a photo book of family members is a great way for young children to stay familiar with family who may live far away.

My favourite thing to do was look at family photo albums as a child and ask my parents lots of questions of where we were and what we were doing. It is a fantastic opportunity to work on language skills, build storytelling, and cement childhood memories.

In Focus: Gross Motor Skills 

What activities can you do to encourage your little one to develop these BIG muscle skills?

Ball Games: encompass a wide range of gross motor skills from hand-eye co-ordination to getting your muscles working in unison. You can throw and catch whilst counting. Or whomever catches the ball has to shout out an action which everyone has to copy. Have a game of soccer, or for young children roll the ball between your legs to each other. So much fun at any age of your child.

Old School Skipping: once your little one is 3 or 4 years old get them playing with the skipping rope. It is a great game to really test your gross motor skills along with coordination.

Jumping in time, whilst counting will really give them a fun challenge. As they say the old games are the best!

Get out of the house: riding bikes, ball games, swimming lessons, climbing playgrounds, running and jumping. Playing team sports is a great idea for 3 and 4 year olds.

Stay closer to home: Make an obstacle course in your home or backyard. Use different sized items as obstacles to run or tiptoe between, jump over, or crawl through. You could also place a wide piece of wood on the ground between the objects, that they have to walk along.

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